Takamine CP3DC-OV Japanese Electro-Acoustic


Elegantly appointed with resonant tonewoods, decorative touches and state-of-the-art CTP-3 Takamine Preamp. An exquisite acoustic experience onstage and off.

The CTP-3 CoolTube, the first and only onboard tube preamp for acoustic guitar, produces a rich, full sound. It takes its name from innovative Takamine technology that runs its 12AU7 dual-triode vacuum tube at very low voltages?so low that it stays cool to the touch?with variable tube tone that can be adjusted from bright and brilliant to thick and warm.

The full-range EQ section uses shelving filters to sculpt bass and treble frequencies, with semi-parametric shaping control over the midrange. A control knob adjusts the frequency from 250Hz to 5kHz, and a pinpoint-precise onboard chromatic tuner is standard equipment. Other features include Mid and High cut switches for a second pickup.

Cool Tube
Aux Pu Mix Volume
Aux Pu Gain
Cool Tube Standby
Tuner Power On-Off(With Mute)
Tuner Pitch Change
Notch Cut Level Select(-6Db/-1 2Db)
Main Pu Gain(Stee14-Nylon)
Aux Pu Eq(Mid Cut/High Cut)

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