About Us

Who are we..? How do we add value to your guitar buying/repair experience..?

Committed to making your guitar buying and repair experience the best you can get anywhere, we live and breathe customer service.  Jimmy is the founder and serial entrepreneur. Dan is a luthier of note in his own right, Dan is blazing the trail as a second generation along with Evan, Jimmy’s youngest son. He is still finding his feet, with aspirations to learn the trade from all angles and sell to you, guitars that suit your style and playing ability. Dave, the shop manager is a really passionate, enthusiastic and talented musician who loves guitars and loves to talk to you finding out whatever helps you ‘twang your string’ and walking you through the options until you find a guitar that enhances your playing ability and suits your budget.  Come into the shop, meet the guys and let us help you leave our shop with everything you need to enhance your guitar playing experience!

Jimmy Egypt & Sons Musical Instruments
615 Great Western Road
G12 8HX

Tel 0141 339 2941